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Who I Am

My name is Tamitra M. Clark, single parent of one adult son, advocate, trainer, group facilitator and workshop developer. I come from a long family line of educators and service providers. I was raised under the premise of “the golden rule,” treat others as you want to be treated. My career path in Social Services and Mental Health serves others from a place of genuine regard by sitting with people in their most vulnerable state and provide tools to bring self-awareness to the “ME” they were born to be. I am very enthusiastic about assisting others by aligning with my core values: a change in MINDSET, determines your THOUGHTS, which shape your BEHAVIORS, and leads to ACTIONS. Transform your mind and be healed.

I earned a Psy. D. in Multicultural Clinical Community Psychology from Alliant International University and a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology from California State University Los Angeles. I have served in both in-patient and out-patient psychiatric facilities, social service agencies, community mental health, non-profit / community based organizations as well as working with individuals, families, groups, and organizations.  

What I Offer

ROTM provides transformational coaching in the eight Dimensions of Wellness: Emotional, Physical, Social, Intellectual, Environmental, Occupational, Financial, and Spiritual. This is achieved by identifying strengths/needs, setting goals, and creating a plan to get you where you desire to be.

This process allows us the opportunity to watch you go from stagnant to stellar, stuck to fluid, sleep to awakening, hurt to healed while experiencing an overall TRANSFORMATION, you can be proud of and move confidently forward in life on your terms, while receiving consultation and support every step of the way. 

ROTM also provides workshops to support those experiencing Grief and Loss by assisting to embrace the loss where you can move toward living a purpose driven life that honors the loss.

What Coaching Is and Isn't?
Interventions and Benefits

Coaching is creating actionable strategies for achieving specific goals in one’s work or personal like. Coaching is an interactive process and pulls knowledge, activities, and skills from the person.

Coaching is not therapy. There is no emphasis on pathology or clinical diagnosis. It does not investigate your past or attempt to explain behavior.  

Coaching asks “what” you need/want and concerns itself with the present and future. 

Coaching is collaborative learning, action, accountability, and follow-through. 

What's My Story

For years I have lived my life to be of service to others in every way possible, while neglecting my own needs. As I began to grow and mature, I realized, I could not “BE” to others what I was not “Being” to myself. I began to look at areas of my life where the shifts needed to be made and I started to do my work. I am still on the journey and it feels good to empower yourself to thrive in all things. Perfection is never the goal, but progress and progress at a steady rate. As I continue to learn, it’s important to me to share with others so they too can receive the same opportunity in various areas of their lives to be in control of their own destiny.

As it relates to Grief and Loss, we all have our own experiences and our journey to healing is different in each case. Within the last two years, I was hit with the loss of my father and just shy of a year later, my brother, which left not only me, but my mother and sister, shattered and broken. We are still on the path to healing and each of our journeys’ is different. I am learning what it means to EMBRACE the LOSS and live a life that honors the loss in a way that brings a renewed sense of purpose, being, clarity, and power that fuels how I “show up in the room”. I invite you into the process and sacred space as we continue HEALING together and HEALING in a purposeful way.

Happy Clients

I’ve known Dr. Clark for several years. She is hardworking, professional, caring and honest. She has helped me in many ways, From being my foster care social worker, friend and maybe Unknown to her but my mentor lol.

Dr. Clark makes you feel like there’s nothing you can’t do, because when you are in her presence you see what determination looks like. I have no doubt that once meet Dr. Clark she enlighten and enrich your life.

Mrs. Simmons


Dr. Clark has been such a tremendous blessing to me and my children. I met Dr Clark at a facility where my child was being treated. He needed help and I didn't know how to get him the help he needed. Dr Clark was part of the team assisting with his care. What was so amazing about her was how vested she was in my son. Where others seem to only be doing their job, it was obvious Dr. Clark went above and beyond.

She made sure I was informed on the next steps to take. She helped me through that process. She followed up with me during the process and when he returned home, despite the fact that she was not in network with our insurance, we opted to seek further counseling with her as a private pay client.

Although my son is no longer in need of her services, more than 10 years later I know she is just one call or text away. She will be a blessing to any and all those she serves. We will forever be grateful for the impact she made on the entire family



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